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Two Different Organizations

There are two organizations on Beach Road that are dedicated to bettering our community. Confusion sometimes arises concerning purposes and functions of the organizations. We hope these summaries will help distinguish the difference between the two organizations.

Capistrano Bay Community Service District

The Capistrano Bay Community Service District (The District) was formed in 1959. It is a full-fledged government agency operating like a municipality. It is legally empowered to provide services such as police power, road maintenance, trash pickup, street lighting and vegetation control. Services are paid for by a portion of the homeowner’s property taxes and District assessments.

The District administrative office is located at the entrance of Beach Road and is open five days a week. Don Russell is the current district manager. The phone number is (949) 496- 6576.

The five member board of directors is selected by Beach Road registered voters for staggered four year terms. Board meetings are held in the evenings of the last Tuesday of each month. Further information can be obtained by calling the District office.

Capistrano Beach Road Association

The Capistrano Beach Road Association (CBRA) is a voluntary non-profit created for the purpose of promoting the best interests of homeowners on Beach Road. The primary role is to encourage communication and provide opportunity for social interactions. CBRA was founded in 1951 and officers are elected each year in meetings in November.

In addition to November meetings, CBRA has a Spring meeting including a guest speaker who talks about the subject of the interests of homeowners on Beach Road. CRBA also sponsors a popular “End of Summer Party” for homeowners and guests.

CBRA mails a monthly newsletter to homeowners to keep them up to date on actions of the District Board and other Beach Road initiatives. An updated directory is also published with current names and addresses of homeowners bi-annually. From time to time, CBRA has been involved in other activities and projects to help increase homeowner’s enjoyment of their homes on Beach Road.